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My name is Sam and I am an aspiring web designer/developer.

The name I use online is:

My website address is:

If you need to contact me in regards to privacy please contact me via email:
(with ‘Privacy’ in the subject line)

As site owner, s-mck_webdesign is the data Controller for this site.

However, this site is hosted on a Sitegrounds server, meaning that data is handled and processed by Sitegrounds on behalf of

This arrangement makes the data processor for this site.​

The location of the data processor is London, UK.
And full details of how data is handled can found in the Data Processing Agreement:

Data Collection

This site only collects the minimum amount of data in order to function properly. 
It does not collect personal data and does not share or any data.
It is only use data to deliver its services.



This site does not use any visitor cookies and does not collect any personal information.


Performance Data

This site collects essential visitor data required to monitor server performance.

This data is anonymous and  does not contain personal information.
It only includes things like unique visitor numbers, country of request and browser/operating system of request.
The data is collected from the requests messages sent to the server when requesting a web page.

It is used to optimize the responses from the server to allow web pages to be served quickly.
And to monitor server performance, to see when the server is experiencing increased traffic.

This data is considered essential, since without it there is no way to manage the server and this needed in order to properly host this web site. 

This data is not used or processed in any other way.


Security Data

This site runs security software, which  is required to collect visitor  data to protect this site.

IP addresses and countries of origin are collected but only if detected as a threat by the software.
This data is collected by software when a request is made to the site and is only stored for 30days.

This data is only used in to prevent spam and malicious attacks on the site.

This data is considered essential, since security is a requirement of running this site safely.

It is not processed in any other way.