Site Admin

Site Administration is an area that is often overlooked and not always given much time when starting a site. However, a poorly managed site can run into all sorts of problems. This can make your site difficult to manage, offer poor UX and in the worst case scenarios, it can lead to a broken site. My Site Admin service will keep you on top of all your basic site ‘house-keeping’ and help keep your site functioning properly.

site admin

This service is a monthly rolling service, which can scale depending on the needs of your site / how much on-call work you require. It covers ‘day-to-day maintenance’, which should prevent your site from running into problems and ensure it doesn’t degrade over time. If you require work on other areas of your site, then have a look at my Updating service.

N.B Please bear in mind I cannot guarantee the performance or security of your site, but I will do my best to keep it running as smoothly and safely as possible. This is only a basic maintenance service.


  • Checking Updates
  • Checking Backups
  • Checking Security
  • Fixing common errors
  • Scheduling posts


  • An existing site
  • You will need to provide content for posts
  • Any big fixes will need to decided on ahead of time

I am currently working on project-by-project basis, so if you are interested it is best to contact me first.
We can discuss details further and find a solution that works for you.

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