It’s easy for a website to become out of date.  But new content, that is up-to-date is important for both ranking on Google as well engaging your visitors and making sure they return. If you know what changes you are after and want some help implemented these, then my Updating service is for you.

I normally offer my basic service, which covers smaller changes and some design improvements rather than a site redesign. This normally includes editing existing content, adding a few new pages and modifying your existing designs. However, updating can cover a large range of tasks and I have also helped clients restructure their sites, improve features such as plugins/web tools and I have also helped move a site to a new theme before.

If you need help more with re-branding then I would instead recommend my Branding service. If you are starting a brand-new site then I have my First Time Setup service. And if you are after more backend maintenance then you could try my Site Admin service.  However, If you are still not sure then it’s best to get in touch and we can discuss things further.

ma learningdivi


  • Uploading and updating content
  • Adding new pages
  • Moving content
  • Changing the design of existing pages


  • An existing site
  • New Content to add to site
  • 10x pages limit (more can get agreed upon if needed)
  • Only limited design options are available (more can get agreed upon if needed)

I am currently working on project-by-project basis, so if you are interested it is best to contact me first.
We can discuss details further and find a solution that works for you.

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